My name is Jessica MacIntyre, and I’m a thirty something writer, living in Nova Scotia. I’m the mother of two great kids, and I’ve been writing for many years. I have recently started publishing my work and I’m proud to call myself an indie writer.

Here are the current books I have published. 🙂

The Vampires of Soldiers Cove (Book 1)


The Vampires of Soldiers Cove: One Crow Sorrow (Book 2)


The Slave Queen (Book 1)


The Slave Queen: The Slave Knight (Book 2)


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2 responses to “About

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Just got the second book in the Vampires of Soldiers Cove and can’t wait to read them. Could I make a suggestion though? I purchase heaps of books off Amazon and quite often find a series of books which don’t have the book number in the title. I am quite anal about my books and have a spreadsheet set up where I wait for all the books of a series before I start reading. Sometimes it gets quite confusing with no book number to go on, and I am not the only one with this problem. I am on a few discussion threads and quite a lot of readers won’t read an author if they leave a book on a cliffhanger with no sign that it is part of a series.
    After raving on like this, perhaps it would be a good idea to have Book 1 etc after the book title? Just a thought. As I mentioned earlier I am really looking forward to reading these books, especially from the glowing reviews.

    • Hi Bev,
      Thanks so much for your comment and your interest in the books! I hear what you are saying, but I feel including the number in the title itself, for me anyway, makes the title sound a bit robotic. If there’s any question about what order they go in I find a good resource is Goodreads. Next to the title in brackets most series have the number. Ex: Sookie Stackhouse #1, Sookie Stackhouse #2 etc. Mine are listed the same way so that people can read them accordingly, as they do go in a specific order.
      Thanks again so very much. There will be three more books in the series for a total of five so keep your eyes peeled. 🙂

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